9 definitions by Igor

insane, not mentally well
Your a friend of te me !
by Igor August 5, 2003
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You got some sugar?
Nah, do you want sum succanut?
by Igor May 23, 2005
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1. Smtn. that obtained more power than needed
2. Smtn. possessing too much power
by Igor July 27, 2003
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A punk bitch who hangs out with only girls and no guys talk to him because he is a pussy. If you see James M. kick him and spit in his face because he is gay. His voice is squeaky/gay and he is a fag. See also pussy or fag
Yo, bitch! no not you james
by Igor May 6, 2005
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v. to stand stock-still staring vacantly at someone, as though looking through their eyes and out of the back of their head at something several miles behind them, preferably with mouth slightly open and with dribble seeping out of corners or (for greatest effect) middle of mouth.
My friend went right up close to one of those still-standing street-performers and just gawped until they made the first move.
by Igor July 20, 2003
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like a glomp but it doesn't knock you on your ass
* nobby flomps #zirc / (incubus_chick): keke / (incubus_chick): MASSFLOMPING
by Igor July 6, 2004
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1) To be as badass as Tristan from King Arthur the movie.

2) A state of total hard assness"
1) Alex looked upon the soccer field with tristanity.

2) Alex definitely dominated the game with all of his tristanity.
by Igor March 17, 2005
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