from the book of senses.

This sense only happens when a person gets SUPERstoned with extreme excercise.the way this sense works is that when a person gets superstoned,he is able to think visually meaning that he can visualize everything that is going on in his mind wether its a math/physics problem or a simple thought.this will allow him/her to have a crystal clear(perfect) understanding of the SITUATION thus finding the SOLUTION.
Brian:"yo I can visualize those hot spicy wings in my mouth right now chewing on them"

Nik:"I know me too,its a 10th sense"
by Nik Armi February 5, 2010
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from the book of senses.this is a very tricky sense as it does not happen with will.when a person gets really high and unconsciously starts thinking about the stuff he doesnt want to.he/she WILL still get the perfect idea of what is going on at the same time which he is doing everything possible to stop thinking about this issue.this will create a great battle in the high person`s brain
10th sense reverse
by Nik Armi July 13, 2010
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Something that you think is true but can't be sure about it
Your 10th sense is telling you, your spouse might be cheating on you.
by pseudonym ideas June 14, 2018
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