The capability to obliterate and destroy with more force than required.
by Drew October 27, 2003
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Verb/ A term used in Final Fantasy X which means that you did a massive amount of to an enemy who had a smaller amount of life. In real life it can be used when someone kills a joke or tells a dead-on-arrival joke and tries to add to the joke to make it funny but ends up destroying it even more.
guy1: dude listen to this joke
guy2: k
(guy1 tells a bad joke)
guy2: that sucked
guy1: no, no, no you don't get it let me explain
(guy1 explains and throws in some extra stuff)
guy2: please dude don't overkill
by Shinji7676 February 13, 2009
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In computer programming, overkill is referred to writing excessively more code than needed for a certain task. It can also mean writing up an endless function for which an already built-in one is available, and that the written one can even be less stable.
Foo wrote a 97 line function to calculate days between two dates when all he could have done (using php) is convert the Gregorian Dates to Julian Dates using built-in function GregorianToJD() and execute a simple subtraction, now that's overkill. This would reduce the code to 2-3 lines.
by neuroxik September 08, 2007
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1.The term used in Halo 3 when four kills are achieved with under 4 seconds between each kill; a multi-kill. In Halo 3 a medal is awarded and "Overkill" is read in a dramatic tone.

2. Used when someone is caught the fourth time in a row doing something.

3. Over the top; extreme.
1. *Kills four people in halo 3 with 1 rocket* "OVERKILL!!!"

2. "Tony spit out the gum for the fourth time"

3. The atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were overkill.
by HungAzn January 11, 2009
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1.Using somethingcool so much that it starts to get annoying.
2.Making something much serious/making something take longer than what it should.
Jill:Hey do you wanna go out?
Jonny:No, I'm busy.
Jill:Will you ever want to go out?
Jill:When will you be available?
by La Cho. July 22, 2009
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Taking something that was awesome and overusing it so much that it starts to suck, and become annoying. Usually done by the annoying outsider in the group who doesn't know when to stop. Ofter this occurs by going too far with it, as well.
Person A - Hey remember when blah blah blah...
Person B - That was a month ago. It was barely funny then, and it isn't funny now. Overkill!

Person A - Man, the only way you could have gotten that mark was by sleeping with the teacher!
Person B - Shut up.
Person C - Yeah! You must have like. Spread your legs to pass for anything, and screwed every teacher up the ass!
Person A - Yeah, you just overkilled it.
by More Awesome Than Thou November 14, 2005
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