To achieve a goal in an exaggerated and barbaric attempt, often involving physical harm.

Used in Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 10
Related to Ghoulish Overkill
Morty: "Why would somebody do this! It's horrible."
Rick: "Well one Morty is enough to hide from the bureaucrats, but if you get a whole matrix of Mortys and put them in agonizing pain, that creates a pattern that can hide from even other Ricks mothufucka. I fiddled with a concept like this once.
Morty: *Stares in shock*
Rick: "On paper Morty, on paper! I wouldn't do this it's Barbaric Overkill! I mean, you could accomplish the same results with five Mortys and a jumper cable."
Morty: *Stares in anger and shock again*
Rick: "Which I also wouldn't do!"
by budobla April 9, 2019
A freshman band at ASU that think they can feel better about themselves by preying on bands with more potential by saying that they're emo when that was their first show ever. Then Thoth was not death metal but now they are, and if you would actually read the lyrics you would know that there is no trace of emo in any part of the rhetoric. You have no idea what Thoth really sound like so you can simply just go and think you are the greatest band ever, simply because you need to to keep your minds off your tiny pricks.
Wow, so I heard that the band Overkill cummulatively has less testosterone than a little girl in second grade.
by Unas, Slayer of the Gods February 12, 2005
When a person has his/her windshield wipers set to a speed that is too fast for the current rate of rainfall.
It's only drizzling, no need for wiper overkill, slow your windshield wipers down.
by njlicht August 31, 2011
When your pc fucking costs over 6000$ dollars and has 2 3090s hooked up to it.
This bitch spent 6000$ dollars on a overkill pc to play some fucking csgo.
by GitGud391 February 25, 2021
Ghoulish overkill is used to shock people in to understanding your point using gore or morbidity
“Why did you tell me that all animals deserve death when I was 5?” “My bad brah I was using ghoulish overkill
by The Smarty farty 420 January 16, 2022
Random letters, numbers, and symbols crammed together when e-mailing, texting, instant messsaging, ect., that mean absolutely nothing. Often the result of being confused, angry, or an akward silence, otherwise the person is just being anoying.
InstantMessage1: Uhm, there's nothing to talk about.....

InstantMessage2: sjhudfh8907'i'90-89a700a97@!!!!!!!???@Q@@@!!!!!!!!

InstantMessage1:Wow, that was a total Keybord Overkill
by DictionarySurfer March 24, 2009
The act of trying to impress a girl, which already clearly wants the D.
Girl A: Hey can I come to your house tonight, maybe watch a movie or something?
Boy B: Sure, but first let me invite you to an expensive dinner.
Person C: What a bitch overkill.
by JayKayEl December 23, 2013