Something that is excessively hated, regardless if it is actually good or bad. It can be overhated by one group of people and overrated by another; see bandwagon
12 year old male: Oh my god, Justin Bieber is so gay!!!!!!!!
12 year old female: Oh my god, Justin Bieber is so amazing!!!!!

Mature person: He is overhated and overrated.
by nbnb123123 January 26, 2014
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If you are realy hot, you can experience 'overheation'. It is similar to the idea of being dehydrated, and experiencing dehydration.
Person 1: Oh my god, its soo hot man!
Person 2: Yeah i know, im think im gonna die of overheation soon.
by cha-ching12 May 02, 2008
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when you are very impressed by a house, typically used by architects.
" I got so overhoused by Omar's design"
" Damn boy, that is one overhousing house"
by thedailyeos August 16, 2010
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Branched off of the term warmed up, Overheated refers to when someone has been playing a specific game for so longed that they begin to underperform, typically due to mindblock.
Person 1 - Hey, is Vaxei still streaming?
Person 2 - Yeah, but I think he's overheated, he's not performing as good as he usually does
by Oryc June 21, 2021
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A state in which something or someone is over heating.
The world is in overheation.

After that rigorous bike ride, I am in overheation.
by Blue wale May 03, 2019
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