Branched off of the term warmed up, Overheated refers to when someone has been playing a specific game for so longed that they begin to underperform, typically due to mindblock.
Person 1 - Hey, is Vaxei still streaming?
Person 2 - Yeah, but I think he's overheated, he's not performing as good as he usually does
by Oryc June 22, 2021
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Something that is excessively hated, regardless if it is actually good or bad. It can be overhated by one group of people and overrated by another; see bandwagon
12 year old male: Oh my god, Justin Bieber is so gay!!!!!!!!
12 year old female: Oh my god, Justin Bieber is so amazing!!!!!

Mature person: He is overhated and overrated.
by nbnb123123 January 26, 2014
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If you are realy hot, you can experience 'overheation'. It is similar to the idea of being dehydrated, and experiencing dehydration.
Person 1: Oh my god, its soo hot man!
Person 2: Yeah i know, im think im gonna die of overheation soon.
by cha-ching12 May 2, 2008
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when you are very impressed by a house, typically used by architects.
" I got so overhoused by Omar's design"
" Damn boy, that is one overhousing house"
by thedailyeos August 16, 2010
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A state in which something or someone is over heating.
The world is in overheation.

After that rigorous bike ride, I am in overheation.
by Blue wale May 3, 2019
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Its like overrated but not overrated its the opposite or whatever please mods give me some slack its 11 PM and im fucking tired just let this definition through.
by doggo42069 September 24, 2022
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