Anything not so good is just getting ridiculisly popular by the fucking minute, like so many people like it but the truth is, it's not really all that great.
Jonas brothers (there only good cause too many girls like em, like nevermind the boys)

Batman Begins: I'm not saying its a bad movie, it's just that the villian in this movie couldn't been more better, like scarecrow couldn't got more screen time, camer shots are horrible too, I don't mean to mitpick

Hannah Montanna: The same as jonas brothers.

Anime: When making an animated music video, it's not regular animation, it's japanese animation (term Anime). i've seen too many of it, and it's really not great, it's just fucking weird, like pokemon.

High School Musical: There really is something wrong with disney today, it's a movie that just comepletely ignores the real high school life (drugs violence, sex) and just make a shit musical about it.
Kids are gonna get poison to it and sound shouting high school well be fun when only they would know that in 5 years later, they can get gang raped. High School Musical is a world not excist in our world, but in, some fantasy ass planet.

Hip Hop: No disrest intended, but why should it still be around, I'm mean it's just another genre that tries to wipe rock off the face of the earth which is never gonna happen, Disco tried but failed, punk tried but failed completely and now it turned it into sissy crying shit emo music. Most of the music today isn't even good, I don't wish for metal to get more attention cause then it well just get commercial friendly and metal well just be pop metal, again!

Family Guy: Personally I love Family Guy, I have nothing against it, but when it comes to comparing it to the simpsons, say like Simpsons or Family Guy, it just get ridiculas, it be like comparing the simpons to the flintstones. Family Guy would always take the vote because its more funnier than what the simpsons is now. The Simpsons has been around for more than any tv show around, (even the WWE, it'll just be different no matter how long it's been around) and they've done so much, yes they have been lossing there funny, a little, but why lose hope? Lets say Judas Priest, now it was 1986, they've been around for 12 years when they started, the turbo album was such a huge sellout, if that would've effect real hard, they would not be making albums in a while, thus they wouldn't release what would be there one of their greatest album, Painkiller. I think what I meant to say is the youtube video battles of Family Guy and The Simpsons is overated, it's just gonna lead the biggest, most annoying arguments to read.
by Alan Massacre April 13, 2009
Says/acts like there good but there not
Your so overated
by 123333344;5(5 April 27, 2018
Suggests that you've moved beyond a particular event - it doesn't bother you anymore.

Not to be confused with all over it
I had a tragic time last quarter and my GPA hit rock bottom - but I'm over it.
by warren b October 21, 2001
A pronouncement of the termination of a relationship by either one of the two parties involved in said relationship or an outside, objective party.
You: "Things were going so well. I called her twice a day, e-mailed and IM'ed her every five minutes, and gave up all my friends to hang out with her just to show her how much I cared. I honestly don't know what happened."

Vicfan: "It's over."
by vicfan March 23, 2004
to want to have nothing to do with it; to not want to hear about it, see it, deal with it. NOTHING. over it!
i tried to drive one mile and it took me five hours. i'm over it.
by over it September 23, 2004
1. To have moved on from something or someone and it no longer bother's you.
2. To be sick of something or someone.
1. "You still sad about yo' divorce dude?"
"Nah....I'm over it now."
"Do you still love yo' secretary?"
"Nah....I'm over it now."
2. "This CD has been playin for ages. I'm fully 'over it'!"
"I hate the way Joe always hog's the blunt. I'm over it!"
by Diego July 18, 2003