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Overness: (Noun) 1. The state or quality of being completely emotionally free of a significant other after a breakup or a dumping incident. 2. A sense of peace that encompasses the heart when the mere thought of an ex-somebody no longer induces feelings of loss, pain, sadness, vomiting, or keying of car paint, and, in fact, only stirs a fond memory or two, instead. 3. A mythical state or quality actually only achieved through insanity or death or by getting thee to a nunnery or monastery and finding God in the power of ascetic silence, Gregorian chants, and itchy robes.

"I have finally achieved overness from the governess, with whom I had a long and passionate affair in the west wing."

"You had better be achieving 'overness' from reading that particular author with whom you had a five year affair, or I'll go apeshit on your self-pitying alabaster ass."
by Richard Allan Cooper September 19, 2008
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1.Term used by African-American urban transsexuals and gays to say a transsexual woman can pass as a natural born female. The most notable reference to the word is in the 1991 documentary film "Paris Is Burning".

2. Can also be used much like the slang term "cool" to describe something as good or desirable.
1. Miss thing is the overness.

2. That dress is the overness.
by AkuaRising April 05, 2008
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