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when its the apocalypse for you, like say you submitted something late by one minute
Dude1: Yo, did you print your English hw last night
Dude2: no dude i submitted through email, we were all supposed to
Dude1: It's over, It's all over now
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 September 26, 2019

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An amazing guy with a large diamond-shaped penis, who is not afraid to flex it. Is a total jackass to his homies, but a man to the ladies. You do not wanna piss him off.
Look at that Cross dude, he's so lit.
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 September 08, 2019

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"MATH is really hurting my brain right now."
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 March 20, 2018

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A statement to assert your dominance to someone you just roasted. this usually a follow-up to what you just said
Guy 1: You're a fucking cunt ya dick head
Guy 2: Hey man fuc-
Guy 1: It's okay don't cry, don't fuckin cry
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 September 08, 2019

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A statement usually said at the last few minutes before class ends, around 5 mins before. Asserts your dominance against the teacher, and serves as also a reminder.
Dude 1: yo what time is it?
Dude 2: *checks watch* 5 mins before class ends
Teacher: well, i'm afraid i will dismiss you on my ter-
Dude 1: ayt, wrap up wrap up
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 September 10, 2019

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