Origination from the verb "oscilate", Osk pronounced "Ahsk". It is A word used to describe the intense feeling one undergoes when coming up after smoking large quantities of Cannabis, rolled in a blunt per se. This feeling may emerge in a variety of ways, but most commonly, osking reveals itself in either paranoia, extreme realizations, and in the general feeling that ones' own world is spinning. osk may also refer to a "One Shot Kill" strain of marijuana that will guarantee an gratifying oscilation.
Hearing that face melting guitar solo combined with the feeling of me hitting this blunt sure is making me osk right now!
by osssssssssssssssk December 13, 2010
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A word made up by Jess and Allie used when you are surprised
A ladybug/fly lands on your shirt. You yell out "OSK!"
by Allie and Jess February 27, 2005
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When you kill 3 or more people in under 3 seconds with headshots.
*shoots 6 people and kills them all with headshots*

Frenchy: Damn.. They just got OSK'ed

This term is usually used in GTA V and Call of Duty.
by Frenchy_RTM December 21, 2014
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Short for "Ocelot's Sex Kitten". A man with a fetish for Revolver Ocelot. OSK is extremely demented, but a polite individual at the same time. Rumors have been spreading that he is in face Big Boss Inc., but that has yet to be proven.
OMG I can't believe OSK wants to give that old dude a blowjob!
by Juicy Mix March 25, 2005
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