A French boy/girl living in the United States. But is a citizen of France.
"Hey what's up Frenchy"
by djjennyfe April 22, 2007
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In Quebec 'Frenchy' is a nickname only given to people of a high stature. In England the queen would bestow this nickname to only the hottest and flyest of knights that whom she would want to bone. Frenchy's are always well trained in fighting and specifically mui tie kickboxing and mixed martial arts. If anyone you want in your corner its a Frenchy! Frenchy's are kickass people that are always smiling and down for whatever! They are bouty bouty. They generally will reside near an Abby as they are drawn to other wicked kick ass people. They love to roll in a crew sometimes hopping from parking lot to parking lot with 12 car loads or more.

If a big oaf named suck-a-dick comes up to you at a party you just look to your right and point to Frenchy and he'll be on the guy making him fall to his knees begging to rattle your zipper.

When a Frenchy does push ups the earth moves away from him. A Frenchy is so strong often Chuck Norris will lift the Frenchy's balls during a washroom break just to allow the Frenchy to wipe better and to show respect.

I heard a rumor once that the A-Team actually hired a Frenchy to do most of their missions. The atomic bomb was designed to take down Frenchy's but unfortunately failed. If you dont have a Frenchy in yer corner you better go get one. I love my Frenchy
Dad: Once I knew a Frenchy and he was bitten by a cobra...

Little Boy: What happened then?
Dad: After five days of excruciating pain... the cobra died

Dad: A knew a Frenchy once that kicked a horse in the chin.

Little boy: Wow...
Dad: YEAH! Its descendants today are known as giraffes
Little boy: Holy shit Dad that's freakin crazy
by Dontyouknowimloco February 22, 2018
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Awesome, great, delightful, super tasty, super fashionable
That outfit is so frenchy
by Chachis March 12, 2013
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person who avoids conflict of any kind at all costs
Joe is a Frenchy, he was protesting against the war in Iraq!!
by Nick (the dick) April 4, 2003
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A wild Snorlax that appears only in certain areas.
OMFG its Frenchy!
by Cleggster August 22, 2010
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A succubus like girlfriend.
A girl that sucks the soul out of her boyfriend.
A girl who makes a guy drive very far for a single slice of pizza.
The cause of all breakdowns due to running out of gas on the Sagamore Bridge.
A girl that loves France and Australia.
What's Frenchy up to this weekend? Oh, making me drive hours out of my way to get a slice of pizza.
by Hamish Zane May 9, 2008
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