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a superhero that is a awesome sweet girl that works with chat noir they save the day in Paris a lot and chat noir has a huge crush on ladybug.
ladybug chat noir have saved Paris again
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by myllyana January 01, 2018
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Small Red little Bugs with black spots, that eat Aphids and are very BEAUTIFUL..

4--L(:|:)a(:|:)d(:|:) Y--0( :|:)b(:|:)u(:|:)G--8
"Ladybugs are the Beautifulest bugs on earth!"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 18, 2006
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(noun) A closeted LGBT person who acts in a way that harms the the LGBT community.
Guy 1: "OMG, you'll never guess who I hooked up with last weekend. INSERT_NAME!!"
Guy 2: "Gurl, ew. Did you not know? He's a total ladybug!"
by lvsldybgs June 06, 2020
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A straight girl who has a desire to make love to or fool around with another girl.
Missy has a lady bug lately.
by Mr.D April 09, 2004
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A chick that is cute and hot at the same time. She has a body like a lady but is cute like a little bug.
Yo that chick with the black hair that wears the spider pig t-shirts is sexy. She is a ladybug.
by Gnezz10 April 27, 2010
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Any female with nice legs, tight stomach, and qualities that strike you as interesting.
Guess what! I got a Lady Bug!
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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