John:did u see that guy's skills?
Ethan:Yea he is a Hazard
by Datboymiguel March 30, 2017
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Used when someone looks so good they are considered a Hazard
Danm Rany looks so good in those J's he's a Hazard
by O.G Afro Jack May 23, 2019
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A gamer who has adopted the name since 2005. He has an odd mind that freaks many people out, some are even still attending therapy. Though you may try, this guy CANNOT be mindfucked, ultimately he will just laugh and move on. He also has a very strong stomach, as what might gross most people out, has no effect (or a completely different effect) on him.
Johnny: Dude... I fooled Hazard into googling "Offended"... He was unphased.... He even laughed at some of it... o_O

Bob: Dude... That guy is seriously warped o_o

Johnny: I know... He laughs at things utterly disturb others ._.

Bob: That's because he's already disturbed... >.>
by Hazard89 October 16, 2010
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A girl or boy who may be considered dangerous due to their promiscuity or overly flirtatious qualities. Usually does not involve themselves in long term relationships and only seeks short hookups or one night stands. Likely to cheat or talk to multiple different people at the same time.
Nasty Dudebro #1: Hey brah, that girl was totally into you.
Nasty Dudebro #2: Nah man, she's a hazard. I'm staying away from that.

Party Slut #1: I talked to him all night! I think he likes me.
Party Slut #2: Be careful gurl, that guy is totally a hazard.
by CHICODEMAYO May 13, 2014
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The hazardous caverns of Kazahd-dum
by larstait October 25, 2003
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To Knock SOme1 out. you would Say hazards. or to put the beat down on em
Yo son Go put the hazards on that fake nigga.
by Tim September 4, 2004
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The fecal matter released from the rectum of a dog, coyote, or virtually any four-legged creature and left on the ground for rabbits to step in (noun)
"Watch out, kids! There are rabbit hazards everywhere!"
by Reefer_420_Madness October 27, 2011
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