Lead female protagonist ( same name ) of japanese Tv series OSHIN
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Oshin is sent off by her father to work as a babysitter to support her family
by bored_genius January 18, 2017
An oshin is a hyperactive person. She or he likes cute stuff and rainbows. they are usually smaller then the average person.
Eric filled his notebook with rainbows. He is such an oshin!
by yeetbixweed November 7, 2018
sexy man you should send your naked pictures to
omg oshin is so sexy i would love to show him my breasts
by oshinmann December 21, 2020
Oshin is a wonderful guy from Australia who is a great Basketball player and who is in love with a beautiful, exotic, and unique girl.
Oshin : Where is my Vochkharrrrrrrrrrrrr?
by HH April 8, 2005
baller, good looking tall drk n handsome, with a lot o' bitches
Oshin is one bad azZzZzZzZ
by jon.tvan February 12, 2009
the inspiration and catch of getting what you need to do in order to achieve goals and do work
"stay focussed, OSHINE!"
by teamradio June 16, 2009
She's a girl who's happy and caring. A Fun loving person with great sense of humour and intelligence. Brave, smart and multi-talented.
Be as kind and as brave as Oshin
by cute11 November 23, 2021