OSH- Short for- OH SHIT!
OSH, I forgot my lunch money..OMFG!!!!!!!
by Alvin Lee October 21, 2004
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Osh is in short the same as a prostitute or other such words including; Hoe, Whore, Slag, Slut, Prozzie etc etc
Louis:Did u link that gash tha other day
Michael:yea mans linked dat she gave me shines
Louis:Shes a osh blud
by Loonatik August 6, 2006
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"oh shit" or "oh my god" You would speak this word if you were surprised.
Chrissy: "Look its Rowan!"

Steph: "Osh! ew i hate him!!!"
by Stephanie J Q April 14, 2010
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A legend. Great guy, real name is Josh. But boy, has it been years since he's heard that name. He's killed people, ya know? Stabbed em. With a knife. A real one too.
Guy 1: Where's josh?
Guy 2: you mean osh? Probably killed someone. With a knife. A real one.
Guy 1: Oh
Osh: Hey guy 1! Don't call me josh!
(osh stabs guy 1)
(Guy 1 dies)
by oshoshosh October 29, 2020
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Acronym for "Oh Shit Handle"; the handle above the door inside some vehicles that you hold onto when taking a sharp curve at high speeds.
(Reaching for the ceiling in a car) Dammit, this car doesn't have an OSH!!!
by DTClarke April 29, 2010
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school for posh private school twats whos parents don’t want them at home

thing they’re hard bc theyre school looks like hogwarts

would get shanked if they came dudley ends
by sym fam May 22, 2020
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Partying harder then in a rager... walking in from the blue line ripping a snapper of the crossbar so hard it sounds like a doorbell... frisbeeing a sauce so dirtily that the other player puts it top rack
by #OshiePride April 2, 2012
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