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abraviation for orthodontist. (dental work)
i went for ortho today and i got braces
by baby-girl69 November 19, 2003
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Abbreviation for Orthodox Jew, often used among other Jews who are not themselves Orthodox. It is usually a derogatory term, but mainly in jest.
"At Ortho weddings, the women are separated from the men."

"I know, those crazy Orthos."
by surrealfx March 10, 2006
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1. Prefix to denote "correction of".

2. Shortening or slang for Orthodontist.
1. Paul had to get orthopedic shoes due to his troublesome toes.

2. Samantha went to the Ortho today. Things were the same old for her. Check up her braces, tighten them, inflict pain.
by 14th Street DC June 25, 2010
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