About the only similarity an organ has to a piano is the fact that it is a keyboard instrument. It is in no way similar to or "like" a piano. Jesus Christ.
Piano, organ, same difference. I drink gasoline for breakfast. I am a moron.
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adj. Causing the loss of breath or the ability to make sound as a result of laughing; laughing uncontrollably.
Brett isn't just funny, he's organe.
by K-max November 11, 2005
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Organicing. Pronounced Or-gan-ik-ing is what you can use to describe when you eat something organic or if you want to say this is not organic
by PigeonDude June 26, 2020
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Another form of expression to describe a statement that someone has said to be fresh or original.
Guy: What side of the cat has fur? The outside!

Guy: Yeah man, that shit right there is fuckin' organic! who the hell thinks of that!
by Ninja__69 October 7, 2010
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A tax on the gullible.
1. I always pay more for Organic because they don't have DDT, BRB or OMG in them. You don't have to be a Rocket Surgeon to know THAT makes sense!

2. Organic apples DO cost twice as much but they're SO worth it! They're hand-picked by sterile forest gnomes riding unicorns!
by SCBill December 3, 2010
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This term is used by people who can't fucking spell orgasm.
Bobby: Last night I got an organism!
by MWSWN September 20, 2006
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To be grown or created without the use of perservatives or any un-natural substances.
Those carrots i bought are organically grown.
by Groog August 30, 2003
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