A wrestling move invented by Jake "the Snake" Roberts. The DDT is named so because it does similar things as the poisonous chemical (scrambling the brain).
He likes to set up the DDT with a short-arm clothesline. Then, he works a front facelock onto the opponent and falls backwards, planting the opponent's face into the canvas.
At one point, the DDT was the most popular finisher in pro wrestling. Now, it has been reduced to being a mid-match spot.
Yo, let go of my woman, or I'll slap the DDT on you, mothafucka!
by Jay Tusch February 25, 2004
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1. (agriculture) Acronym for Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane
2. (slang) Acronym for Do The Damn Thang
3. (wrestling) Wrestling move by Jake "The Snake"
1. DDT is fatal

2. "Ready to DDT mane, 'bout to stick up that bank tonight"

3. He hit the DDT on that foo and he didn't get up for a while
by Raw Doggy March 19, 2010
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Miracle insecticide that almost completely wiped out malaria and similar diseases in the US and the third world.

Rachel Carson published a poorly-researched paper in the 60s, reporting that DDT causes birds to produce thinner eggshells and possibly cancer. This launched a major public overreaction in the US, and DDT was banned due to public pressure. It largely triggered the envronmentalist movement in the US. Seperate studies have shown however that DDT has little or no impact on bird shells, let alone cancer. DDT has been blamed falsely for declining populations in bald eagles, peregrine falcons and brown pelicans all without scientific basis. Concentration in humans doesn't even come close to causing adverse effects. Apes have been fed 30 000X more DDT than people are normally exposed with no harmful effects whatsoever. Furthermore, following the ban on DDT, more dangerous and less effective insecticides became commonplace.

It was later concluded in a 1972 public hearing that "there is no scientific basis for the ban on DDT". However, this ruling was vetoed by the EPA administrator without even reviewing a transcript.
Banning DDT killed more people than Adolph Hitler. Estimates range that 2 to 90 million people have died senselessly.
by cynical1 January 28, 2006
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Downey Drug Thugs. A group of knuckleheads in the Downey area that liked to put copiuos amounts of all the drugs into themselves. Known for being able to wait long hours for a purveyor to deliver or ride beaten up old bikes to neighboring city's for one dime bag of weed. Similarly, walk to the closest liquor store to pester anyone over 21 to purchase them 40 oz malt liquor. 4LIFE
Those dudes are DDT. They got weed.
by Ken Banner February 12, 2018
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Wraslin' move created by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Short for 'Damien's Dinner Time.'

2)A harmful crop chemical.
1) 'No one gets up from Jake's DDT."

1) 'Rex ate some crops that were treated with DDT, he's dead.'
by DesPERRYado April 11, 2005
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"Dude, the dealer said he would be 10 mins! It's been 40 mins already!"

"I know man, DDT!"

by Cheeksy April 19, 2013
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Drug Dealer Time; abbreviation used in a sentence while sitting around waiting for your product longer then they said.
Damn son, G must be on some DDT making us wait for our product so long!
by D.Wasunt January 6, 2011
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