1) Used to describe naturally occurring molecules, materials, or processes.

2) Marketing ploy to profiteer from indoctrinated hipsters by selling food at increased prices that was grown and cultivated using lower cost medieval farming methods, such as avoidance of the use of modern pesticides which kill or drive off disease breeding insects, or the use of modern fertilizers or genetic modification to make crops and livestock more resistant to disease and increase yields.

3) A Marxist assault on capitalist food production through the promotion of pseudoscience and urban legends.
Elder Hippie: "This sandwich is so organic."

Rational Person: "So is the mold on the bread and the cockroach legs in the meat."

Yak feces, python venom, the Bubonic Plague, boogers, cancerous tumors, and Fromunder Cheese are all organic.
by Schnorkenschneider February 27, 2014
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1) A piano-like instrument, commonly found in churches.
2) A mass of tissue, (No, not Puffs, you dumbass.) bunched together and whatnot. Didn't you pay attention in Life Science?
3) Slang term for a guy's manhood.
...no examples for 1 and 2, but:

"It's nice to have roses on your piano,
but nicer to have tulips on your organ."

...wtf. Where did I hear that? xD
by Leiko October 5, 2004
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A terminology used to describe a manner of actions. Getting some from a guy/girl; getting food from or for someone. Mostly used to explain how hard the making out or goodies received were.
Yesterday I organized her at my house.
Organize me some soda!?
We'll organize those mamaz tonight!
by AtwoliJuniour March 2, 2010
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Food from the tree hugging section of a super market likely to cause diarrhea.
"Ugh I don't feel good. I had some organic food today."
by Drakk0nis November 19, 2008
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a word used to describe people who are too lazy to look for things
"Did you clean your room?"
"No...organized people are too lazy to look for things."
by cutsieme3255 February 21, 2010
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I'm takin' Vernell mugboggin' and after I'm get me a organism behind the Whattaburger.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
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