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when a guy licks a girls pussy and a girl sucks a guys dick. very pleasureable.
Shelly didn't want to get pregnant, so she decided to try oral sex. She started to play with Daren's dick by blowing, kissing and sucking his penis. He re-payed her by playing with her clit and sticking his tounge in her vagaina. They both very much enjoyed this.
by I think I might be Lesbian August 05, 2010
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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Here's an orgasm, now let me go to sleep.
Jack was needily horny at 4 AM, instead of wasting half an hour on real sex, Jill decided five minutes of oral sex was in order.
by eyehateman June 19, 2011
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Mouth to genital stimulation. Also referred to as "fellatio"- when done to a male, and "cunnilingus" when done to a female.
Example 1: Dick had oral sex with Jane. Jane had oral sex with Dick. (i.e. Dick's Dick. Pun intended).

Example 2: Jane was able perform cunnilingus on herself, much to Dick's surprise, curiosity, and delight. Quite a scene! (Jane was a contortionist and gymnast.)
by MTF January 26, 2010
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The act of two persons using their mouths to perform sexual intercourse.

These two persons can be of the same or opposite sex but they are rarely a married couple.
i got a little piece of heaven last night when i got some sweet oral sex
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
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A way to have safe sex without using condoms
Nick sat there in his bed, needily horny. He decided to head over to Jane's house to have some sweet oral sex. When he got there, he knocked on the door. Jane answered, and he asked "Ya wanna have oral sex? She said yeah, so they went inside her room. She pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his throbbing cock. he pulled off her shirt and her bra, then pulled down her pants and panties. She started licking nicks throbbing cock, the started sucking it. He cummed, and she licked up every last bit of it. Then Nick started licking her pussy (vagina). Hours later, at two A.M. He said "That was almost as good as real sex!" She said "Well, lets have some real sex." He got up and did the shark on her, and he fucked her really hard afterwards. Hours later, at six A.M., he left happily.
by Nick's Throbbing Cock May 09, 2019
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A type of sex when you lick/suck you’re partners gentiles/genitalia with your mouth or tongue
I lay down on the bed, spreading my legs wide open. Zane caressed my clit, then went in licking it harder. I moaned a little at this sensation. A while later, he held open my vagina and started sucking it. My moans got louder till they turned to screams of pleasure.

β€œH-harder daddy!” I shouted.
At my command, Zane sucked my pussy harder.
Then it was my turn. I knelt down and licked his hard cock. My tongue circled it. A few seconds later, his whole 9-inch penis was in my mouth. He cummed.
β€œoral sex, eh? No wonder I fell in love with you! No one could suck my dick harder than you~” he cummed in my mouth again.
by YourHoneyBoo January 01, 2020
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