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oral sex is when a woman (or man) orally pleasures the partner.

a man will lick the womans clit and pussy. lesbians also do this.

or a woman or man can suck a guys dick and balls ect. to get him going. when you have oral sex most people will call it head,oral,or a blow job. women should kneel and suck the mans enlarged dick and kiss it, sometimes moving their hands up and down the shaft of his dick. most of the time the man will hold the womans head so he can move his penis in a fucking like way in her mouth.

some oral results in the man orgasming. when a man orgasms he cums and it is nice when the woman swallows.
when carla came to jeffs house, he quickly took her to his room and took off her clothes. he started licking her vagina ans then she started sucking his balls. they both had oral sex
by newyork May 05, 2007

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to be sexually aroused. when you feel like you want sex really badly and probably need to masterbate. i am horny just writing this!
jonny walks into work one day and sees a hot woman at the counter. she says "hey you wanna do it right here right now?" so jonny is really horny right now and automatically agrees becuase he thinks this woman can give him what he wants. so he follows her into the bathroom and she pulls off his shirt and pants. she massages his erected dick. jonny starts out by rubbing her clitoris and sucking her breasts. (this is way better than masterbating! he thinks). she kisses his penis and he moans and she rubs his dick on the shaft and puts it in her mouth and rubs it around. now jonny is really horny and when he cums and she swallows it he knows he is in for a treat. he has kinky sex with her. he puts his dick in her pussy and holds her up and he is thrusting and humping her. she moans in ecstacy. UHH OHH YA UHH UHH OHH! BABE UHH OOO! he is so horny right now that they both get orgasms and they keep going at it. she gives him oral again and rubs his dick so hard and he feels so good and he wants more and more. he puts his dick in her vagina and humps more and more and she starts moaning and groaning and they have sex again and again. each time they get orgasms. i hope you feel as horny as i do when you read this! beucase this makes me want to rub a mans dick and suck it hard and have kinky sex and ohh ahhh...
by newyork April 28, 2007

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