To make billions of money and show off in front of middle-aged white women
Dude, did you watch "Apprentice" last night? Trump was totally Oprah!
by Phalkon October 31, 2004
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Possibly the richest black person alive, man or woman.
Oprah gave away 7 million dollars worth of brand new cars to her audience on her 19th season opener.
by anonymous September 19, 2004
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The woman that brainwashed my mom to stop buying soda. Forever
Chick on oprah: ''And I lost 40 pounds after cutting soda out of my life completley!

My mom: *brainwashed* Must. Stop. Buying. Soda.
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
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1) A god to the Middle-aged Stay at Home White Women tribe, who's word is law to said tribe.
2) Steadman's Sugar Mama
I don't want to stop eating beef, but Oprah mandates it.

"Steadman, get your ass in here and clip my toe nails" said Oprah
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
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Another word for- sociopath. Oprah panders her new-age crap at bored, upper-middle class women who, like Germans in the 30's listening to the demented rantings of another maniac, buy it hook, line and sinker. A billionaire who connives women into believing that she's 'one of the girls'. Gives cars away to poor people, naturally on international TV so everyone can SEE how great she is. Cars aren't registered OR insured however. Poor people lose 'free' car. Oprah looks like saint. Disgusting. Has a golden toilet. Seriously.
"When Jesus whups the anti-Christ, it'll be Oprah, and Dr Phil will be the false prophet..."

by PepsiCola September 16, 2006
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A person that always has to get involved in everyone's business. Wanted or not they're always listening and gossiping as they thrive on attention and causing friction between people for the fun of it.
Dannnggg... Patricia be quiet Oprah is heading this way
by TheLordghetto July 06, 2014
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To rapidly gain weight, particulary following a rapid loss.
"Sue went on a diet, doesn't she look great?"

"Yeah, but she'll Oprah that weight back in a few months".
by T-pack January 13, 2009
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