Someone who is an asshole for no apparent reason; A highly unliked character. One who fails to realize they have no friends; Someone who lives a shower-deprived life.
Mike, stop being an asshole, you're turning into a Steadman.
by Jos. A. Bank June 22, 2010
A older man who is not married to his partner, but is too old to be referred to as a boyfriend.

As in Oprah and Steadman.
I went to dinner with my mom and her steadman the other day. He's very cool.
by wordhawk January 21, 2011
A man who dates a woman for a long period of time (usually 5+ years), with no intention of marrying her.

Named after Oprah's long term partner, Steadman.
A: "Mary and Adam have been together for 7 years"
B: "Wow! That long? When are they getting married?"

A: "Never. Adam can't commit. He's a Steadman."
by Pseudonyme937261 September 8, 2020
Someone, usually female but can be male, who cheats at card games like snap and go fish, even when theres no wager at stake.
Shes a steadman, dont play cards with her!
by Smurfenhiem June 5, 2020
A man who is basically overshadowed by his female partner. People know that he exists, but could care less about him.
Dan used to receive a lot of press about his career, now that he's dating that uber famous movie star, he's been steadmanized. Where is he anyway? Who cares?
by Bryce King August 12, 2008
1. a man joined in a long-term, heterosexual, monogamous relationship to a woman without being married to her, often due to the woman's desire to hold off on matrimony (sometimes indefinitely).
2. an unmarried male spouse
My steadman and I have been together for 13 years and that's four times as long as my parents were married!
by Angela Carrington August 4, 2005
1.) n. Man who makes less than his spouse.
2.) n. Man who is outshined by his spouse's accomplishments.
You better ask for a raise, you don't want to be a steadman.
by andywebs August 26, 2005