The state of having the same beliefs and perceptions as you, or being succeptible to their influence.
I'm looking to meet open-minded people, but only if they believe X, Y, and Z.
by Killing Kittens September 09, 2006
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What you call someone who agrees with YOUR viewpoint.
Ant. Closed Minded:

What you call someone who disagrees with YOUR viewpoint.
by Jean Paul Mama February 02, 2005
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I've known fashion models who are open minded; they're very attractive and regularly hook up with both guys and girls.
by K Joyce May 04, 2015
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Something that is normally great, the idea that you don't judge people for being different than you. The problem arises when liberal douchebags call themselves open minded but actually reject anyone who doesn't believe the same thing they do as a bigot.
Guy: I do not like black people
Truly open minded person: I disagree with you *starts organized, concise debate*

Guy: I do not like black people
Liberal "open minded" douche: How could you say that you disgusting conservative bigoted pig, it's people like you that set the... *trails on in a string of long words that he doesn't even know the definition to*
by JAW959 May 16, 2010
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A term used as a self-description for any asshole who's just as narrow-minded as the rest of humanity, but tries to sound edgy.

Note: Rarely does an 'open-minded' person claim that they're 'open-minded'. Rather they infer it by telling the person or people they're talking to to be more 'open-minded'
Open-minded: So, do you, like, believe in 2012, maaan?

Apparently narrow-minded: Nah, man. I've really done a lot of research and there's almost nothing supporting any sort of doomsday prophecies that have been coming out.

Open-minded: Research? Maaan, you just need to be more open-minded, maaan.
by The Truth: Live August 02, 2011
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A term often used in Gay Chat sites or Gay Profile sites to denote an HIV+ status without disclosing or clearly stating one's status due to stigma, or shame or simple self hatred.
by derfmm July 31, 2009
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