Having a mind willing to listen to opinions that are different from or conflict with your own; unbiased; unprejudiced.

Unfortunately, it has become a term used by condescending to describe themselves or to mean "you should agree with me."

The irony of term being that modern psychology disproves that people are incapable of being truly open minded. Therefore, if one was to claim that they are open minded, they must be willing to acknowledge that they are not open-minded.
(After a debate on the internet)

Lindsay: You should be more open minded.

Elise: So, in other words, I should agree with you? You are aware you are not being open minded.
by Commonsense September 04, 2012
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Used primarily on dating and hook-up apps/sites it denotes that the profile owner is open to the use of illicit drugs, chemsex and/or PnP sessions by adding it into there profile header, introduction or any place where the user can enter text.
I work hard and I play even harder and I am very open minded. I’m looking for hung, toned or muscled guys and who are also open minded, for long play sessions.
by DefinitiveME March 16, 2019
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a person who actually tries something before they decide whether they like it or not; they like or hate something because of actual exposure, not because others think it's cool
I am an open-minded punk. I don't hate on artists like Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan because so-called "true punks" think they shouldn't be listened to. I actually have heard their music, and while they may not sing about the government, they're still great artists.
by Karen Stickney August 31, 2006
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A girlfriend/prostitute/escort who provides services beyond oral and conventional sex: GFE, greek, russian, BBBJ, DFK
Openminded and All inclusive are synonyms.
Monique is such an openminded slut, she let me cum in all three holes last night!
by terran2 June 22, 2011
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Doesn't hesitate to say something you want to say, even if the consequences are bad, and no matter what people say about it.
I think you should be more open-minded and say more things you want to say.
by John Chakan November 12, 2016
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Possessing the ability to conceive reasonable criteria that would prove one's cherished beliefs to be mistaken, or that would show an idea one finds repulsive to actually be true. Often mistaken for "empty-headed" or "indecisive" by many empty-headed and indecisive people.
1. Chuck's an open-minded guy. He saw Fahrenheit 911 and Fahrenhype 911 before voting in the 2004 election.

2. Liberals like to pretend they're open-minded, but they're every bit as prejudiced as anyone else.
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006
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