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An individual who believes in and spreads the various myths and hoaxes associated with the termination of the Mayan long-count calendar on and around December 21, 2012
John Doe: Hey sis, did you hear that Woody Harrelson's a 'twelver'?

Jane Doe: A what?

John Doe: A 'twelver'. You know, someone who believes the world is going to end on December 21, 2012.
by The Truth: Live July 31, 2011

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Slang used to denote the unattractiveness and sloppiness of a woman's ass.
Guy A: Bro, we should call up those Jersey broads and get them over here tonight.

Guy B: No way, dude. Those broads have bunk asses
by The Truth: Live April 20, 2010

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A term used as a self-description for any asshole who's just as narrow-minded as the rest of humanity, but tries to sound edgy.

Note: Rarely does an 'open-minded' person claim that they're 'open-minded'. Rather they infer it by telling the person or people they're talking to to be more 'open-minded'
Open-minded: So, do you, like, believe in 2012, maaan?

Apparently narrow-minded: Nah, man. I've really done a lot of research and there's almost nothing supporting any sort of doomsday prophecies that have been coming out.

Open-minded: Research? Maaan, you just need to be more open-minded, maaan.
by The Truth: Live August 02, 2011

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