Slang term; to squeeze through something that has a tight fit.
OR to just make it passed or out of a sticky situation OR to just plain escape.
1. Did you see that little dog get through there. She oodled through that fence like no ones business.
2. The police had him surrounded but he oodled out of there by the skin of his teeth.
3. Man, the boss is going on and on. I wish I could oddle out of this fucking room!
by Chuckabuc August 13, 2011
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A london slang word for an ounce of weed. Possibly a play on the De La Soul song Oodles of O's.
Tony: "How much draw do you wanna get?"
Alfie: "Shall we get an Oodle?"
by Zootroy April 25, 2009
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A gay form of measurement.
Tim: That party was oodles of fun!
Mike: Are you gay?
by davidsbebes May 01, 2013
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a large amount of something, usually either fun, or semen
"i pumped oodles and oodles of jis all over her ass"

it was oodles of fun
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
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n. a phallus; a phallic object likely to be dropped, i.e. a penile substitute.
Paul Newman's grandfather came to America and dropped his oodle in 1905. He ceased all finagling of his wife thereafter.
by Benjamin Periwinkle Winter March 31, 2005
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