A noun describing a girl with a lot of sex appeal.
Brittni has da sexyness! Look at that ass. Awwww damn! Skeet Skeet boys!
by Blake March 12, 2004
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a stupid adjective guys try to use to make a girl feel special; not realizing he sounds like an idiot who tryed to come up with a new word.
M (11:32:32 PM): text me sometime
M (11:32:36 PM): 555 5555!!!!!!!!!

b(11:32:40 PM): i dont have cell

M(11:32:47 PM): o shit
M (11:32:49 PM): thats rite
M (11:32:50 PM): lol
M (11:32:52 PM): k
M (11:33:07 PM): well ill talk to u later then i guess sexynesss

b (11:33:13 PM): yea goodnight

M (11:33:18 PM): haha
M (11:33:19 PM): bye
by calliesexyness August 8, 2008
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Beautiful and Sexy! Sometimes something/someone is more than just one!
by PeachyPerfect October 24, 2012
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When Yur To Shy Towards Someone Yu Like To Say Yur Sexy,Yu Say "Sexyful!Mixing Prettyful And Sexy Together.
Hey Lyn,Yu Looked Sexyful Tonight!!

Dude That ChickIs Sexyful!
by Laurieness August 24, 2008
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A really super hott sexxy guy!! :P
taylor-omg look over there!!
emily--omg those guys are just..just..so ..so so
by Taylor and Emily March 15, 2005
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Camden, Camden is so sexy he will make you faint he is not like Nathan that guy is nasty.
Ooh look at that Camden he so sexy he is the meaning of sexyness
by CAMBEAN May 21, 2018
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Sexyness. The sex apeal of a person.
Damn! Marty is so sexy he got all that sexyness
by eMPee046 April 27, 2021
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