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"Mmm, you touch my tralala, my ding ding dong". (From "Ding Dong Song" performed by Günther and the Sunshine Girls)
by asdfg_asdfg May 04, 2004
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Penis. But in a more subtle kind of way. Taken directly from the chorus of the song by Gunther (Ding Dong Song)
Gunther: Ooh, you touch my tra-la-la. Mmm, my ding-ding-dong
by }3ucky |{att November 23, 2004
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1. a phrase of merriment
2. said when doing something and trying to make yourself seem innocent
3. used when there is nothing to say
1. "woohoo! I get to go to disneyland! tralala"
2. timmy: I'll just take that twinky off your hands... tralala
cinthia: ._.
3. julie: soo...
carl: tralala...
by 17ideas July 18, 2007
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A penis.

Influnced by the song "Ah you touch my Tralala"
She touch my Tralala all night all day , it goes rock hard and pew pew , everything comes out hard
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A song you sing when you are about to get some
Mary: Tra la la
Lucie: Oh snap, you is gon' go see Micha
Mary: MmHmm
Lucie: Psssshhh
Mary: Tra la la
by Leena July 12, 2004
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