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An athlete who spends one year in college befor moving on to professional sports.
Your take on recruiting "One-and-Dones" - I have seen a few interesting points on both sides of this argument on various boards, aso I thought I would make a place to consolidate them. What is the take on KU going after some guys that will likely be moving on to the NBA draft after one season in college? -
by Oneota June 11, 2009
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To sleep with someone once and that's it. Usually done to someone you're just not that into or has 2+ brat kids you can't afford or don't want to take care of. A one night stand, same as "hit it and quit it" and "fuck and chuck." Named after the NBA rule.
George Clooney and John Mayer are famous one and doner's.

Ted:"Man I wish I could go out tonight and pick up some strange but the wife is up waiting with the kids."

Bill:"Screw all the drama, taking care of kids, expense and sexual monotony a relationship is..I'm a one and done kind of guy!"
by T0mmyd October 16, 2013
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When a group of co-workers go to the local bar for 1 drink after a long work day. One and done's usually involve trash talking and extremely inappropriate conversations that make other people at the bar feel uncomfortable. It is very common that the participants of one and done will have more than just one drink. However, the term was created to make people feel better about their life choices
Hey Bob, one and done after work?
by AA is for Quitters August 07, 2016
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When one trys to do something once and that is all that is needed, or when one simply performs a task once and it is complete.
This can be used even when playing sport and you only win by one score. Aswell as when you go to a fast food restrant that often makes mistakes with your order, but thay get it right first time. It is a statement or decliration stateing that you only had to try something once and then the task was completed requireing no more effort.
Tom: "don't you have to call work and tell them you wont be in?"

Tony "I all ready did, one and done"

Tom "Out of sight"
by only butch March 14, 2009
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A term used in sports to describe a team's performance in the playoffs when they win their first round game but lose in the second round.
The Seahawks may have beaten the Saints in the wild card round, but they're gonna be one and done when they lose to the Bears in the divisional round.
by flappergaster January 09, 2011
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To become extremely intoxicated after only one alcoholic beverage.
Chris: Why is Meghan ALREADY acting so DRUNK????
Dan: Yeah. She's always "one and done."
by Daniel the Jew April 12, 2008
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Having only one child and not wanting anymore.
Mary: So when are you all going to have more kids?

Carol: Are you kidding? We are so one and done.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
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