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A zipper merge happens when motorists use both lanes of traffic all the way to a defined merge area, and then alternate in "zipper" fashion into the open lane. By doing it this way, both lanes are used right up until the end, which advocates like New think is a more efficient use of road space.
1st Motorist: "Zipper merging is best for slow heavy traffic. If traffic is light, early merging is fine."
2nd Motorist: "Only problem with zipper merge are the idiots who will not let you merge in front of them so they pull up tight to the car in front of them. They do this even if you try to merge early. I typically will merge at the first available open space."
by humblepiece May 21, 2015
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A small hole in automotive body or parts used for lubrication of internal components
Car owner: Are there any grease fittings on a 2009 Corolla that need to be lubricated as a part of the standard lube-oil-filter work?
Mechanic: Your Corolla does not have any grease zerks for you to lube.
by humblepiece January 7, 2021
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The fake fall in front of a car
Employee: I have been using a wheelie-walker for five months, and I keep being promised a ramp will be installed
Boss: Oh, it's not in this year's budget
Employee: Failing that, I'll be doing a "Slipping Jimmy". I did actually fall a over at home negotiating the bathroom. Can't really sue myself, alas.
by humblepiece April 19, 2015
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A life-sized dummy used in training programs for safety and rescue works.
"Yeah, Randy was one of our former students that didn't make it through the program," he said with a laugh. "We use him for all the different rescue scenarios. If somebody was to get hurt inside the hub, they need to bring Rescue Randy out and bring them to the ground. It's a mockup for rescues."
by humblepiece December 27, 2017
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Contemporary conspiracy theories behind COVID-19 origin and sponsorship
Opinion: “Coronagate presents the ultimate leadership test.”
by humblepiece April 1, 2020
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An activist of the anti-Trump movement to oust the POTUS.
The outTrumpers: mid-terms session . (The Economist Expresso, May 8, 2018)
by humblepiece May 8, 2018
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To come to the same result, or score in the game, in the same way, or to exchange it.
On the ice, Sweden and the U.S. trade ends, while Canadian fans exchanged misery.
by humblepiece June 19, 2018
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