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An activist of the anti-Trump movement to oust the POTUS.
The outTrumpers: mid-terms session . (The Economist Expresso, May 8, 2018)
by humblepiece May 8, 2018
A sum of money set apart for discretionary and/or undocumented spending, often fraudulent, illegal, or dishonest.
News Junkie: Our governments is widely known for unaccountable slush funds built up to funnel money to their friends.
Innocent Kid: Are you serious? I've never heard about that. How this could ever happen?
by humblepiece June 2, 2017
A small hole in automotive body or parts used for lubrication of internal components
Car owner: Are there any grease fittings on a 2009 Corolla that need to be lubricated as a part of the standard lube-oil-filter work?
Mechanic: Your Corolla does not have any grease zerks for you to lube.
by humblepiece January 7, 2021
Contemporary conspiracy theories behind COVID-19 origin and sponsorship
Opinion: “Coronagate presents the ultimate leadership test.”
by humblepiece April 1, 2020
The fake fall in front of a car
Employee: I have been using a wheelie-walker for five months, and I keep being promised a ramp will be installed
Boss: Oh, it's not in this year's budget
Employee: Failing that, I'll be doing a "Slipping Jimmy". I did actually fall a over at home negotiating the bathroom. Can't really sue myself, alas.
by humblepiece April 19, 2015
To come to the same result, or score in the game, in the same way, or to exchange it.
On the ice, Sweden and the U.S. trade ends, while Canadian fans exchanged misery.
by humblepiece June 19, 2018
A try (a punt or a missed field goal) that scores a single point for the kicking team under CFL rules, when a kicked ball touches or crosses the dead line or a sideline in goal, and touches the ground, a player or some object beyond these lines, and is signalled with a red flag.
American Guy 1: What the fuck did I just watch? (I don't understand the CFL)
American Guy 2: As someone who only watches the NFL. I'm afraid I can't help you because I'm just as mindfucked as you...
Canadian Guy: Only in Canadian Football, if you kick a ball out of the endzone for what in American Football would be a touchback, you score 1 point, called a Rouge or a Single.
by humblepiece May 27, 2017