"Whats it like, Ron?"
"The Intimate Times? Out of sight, my man"
"No the other thing.... love"
by 1VK3 July 28, 2006
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Where you want to stay low
because you don't want to stand out. Or attract too much attention
"Attracting wayyy to much attention"
Moving out-of-sight
by MXST_Lingo February 19, 2022
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A slang term used to describe something positive, very good, cool, great or excellent.

Also see: "outta sight".


Great, cool, neat, the best, far out, excellent, stellar, nothing better.
1. John: Did you go to the concert last night? How was the band?

Adam: Yeah, they were out of sight!

2. Did you see that '70 Boss 302 Mustang that just drove by? Out of sight!
by cavanobrien August 7, 2014
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meaning if an old friend or enemy is not around for you to see, then that just means that he is out of your mind, meaning you are not thinking about him/her/them...they are living their own life and you are living yours...
Person1: What ever happened to person3???
Person2: Who cares, fuck person3, out of sight out of mind!!!
by blthrskt January 25, 2006
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