And So On!
u'll need to buy books, manuals, .. aso
by JamaicanPhilosopher July 13, 2010
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Filipino word for Dog
-can be used as profanity
- an insult to somebody
" You're such an Aso"
by J.Dez June 6, 2005
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japanese word for whatever , said with bitchy attidude emphasizing the "so"
bob = "your ugly"
sally = "aso"
by summercrayon June 24, 2005
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wow you r a fucking aso
by daniel January 21, 2004
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A gay person that has a shitty love life and no friends
I feel bad for aso
by Gecko man June 12, 2020
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Shortened "Ah yes" or "ah i see". To understand and comprehend. Also used by stereotyped Asians (like in James Bond) before every sentence.
Mista: Where did you get the teleco Van?
Hoodlum: Stole it.
Mista: Aso.
by Mista Scribbla March 21, 2003
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as seen on screen
"do you like this top?

is that it?

yeah its asos"
by jimmynapes January 15, 2011
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