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COMPOUND VERB - to use a woman for casual sex and then avoid any contact with her.

NOUN - any woman so treated.

Ironically, the only individuals who EVER use the phrase are virgin geek losers who post on FC all day long and never really meet women in real life...
"That fat bottle-blonde floozy is a total fuck and chuck!"

She thought, now that they had made love, that she and Tony were going steady. Instead, she was fucked and chucked.
by succulentboi May 04, 2003
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The behavior of having sex with someone and then tossing them out/dropping them after because there is no interest beyond the one time sex.
Taylor is only interested in sex, not the people she has sex with. She finds men from Tinder and then she will fuck and chuck them. She went out with Rob the one time, had the one night stand, and lost interest immediately after. Rob was devastated. He got fucked and chucked.
by Fatale Woman June 07, 2017
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when a person of either gender pursues sex with another individual, and then ditches/dumps/leaves them after. Some people will lead the often unsuspecting individual into believing that their intentions are pure, or that they have feelings for the individual. This is often just a front to gain the trust of an individual. Do not fall for it.
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, and the next day he asked me if I bought the pill, then when I said yes he dumped me. Why did I ever fall for the Fuck and Chuck?
by Miss_me_yet_bastard? August 28, 2012
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when a girl has intercourse with a guy and leaves immediately after. (the girl version of hitting and quitting)

(das what im talkin bout!)
shes so pimpin and all about the fuck and chuck
by j to izzle fo shizzle March 10, 2008
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