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1. Precisely correct, without any error.

2. Unsubtle or overly and clumsily direct. Used when characters in a narrative leave no room for subtext with their eye-rollingly obvious dialogue. Not a general term for bad writing.
1. Guess how many beans in this jar. Forty thousand and one? On the nose, ladies and gentlemen!

2. Excuse me, but I don't quite think we should have Helga say "I am sad. I hate you and you smell." It's a bit on the nose.
by dogboydog May 21, 2011
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In horse racing, refers to a "win" bet, which pays out only if the chosen horse takes first place.
Five dollars on #2 in the second race, on the nose.
by TheNicestGuy July 18, 2018
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A precise or exact time or quantitative volume, such as money or weight.
Expression of satisfaction when a plan or event is successful.
A synonym for "excellent" or "grand stuff"
Eg 1) At the airport when checking in your luggage, your baggage comes to the exact limit allowed.
You yell in delight at the person checking in the baggage : "On the nose!!"
Eg 2) Your favourite sports team scores a cracking goal; you scream "On the nose!".
Eg 3) "I get into work every morning at 9 o'clock on the nose"
Eg 4) "See you at the part tonight then?" "On the nose!"
by David Spencer October 31, 2007
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Lacking in substance; vacuous, inane.

A reference to wine tasting - where all the substance is in the scent of the bouquet, but nothing in the wine itself.
"I find this author's writing to be too on the nose".
by CharlieBean July 22, 2008
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