When two men rub their erections together.
Jones and Gary got together down at the picnic area by the park and did a quick tire iron while their softball team took a break.
by Bird Dog and T January 19, 2008
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What a lot of really ignorant people end up getting beat over the head with, or rather, what a lot of us dream about beating ignorant people over the head with.
"If I catch that person in a dark alley some day, I'm going have a boot party on their head."
"COOL! Then I can beat them with the tire iron!!"
"Even better. Boot party and Tire Iron testing ground"
by Sucks2BU January 17, 2005
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grab four girls unless you are caleb then insert each end of the tire iron in their vagina cavities or assholes if your caleb then have fun! unless your caleb
you, you, you, and you i got the tire iron...wanna hang out?...unless your caleb
by shark bait ho haha February 22, 2010
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