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Show that consists of generally skanky women looking to test the 20th man they've had sex with, and assure everyone that they are 110% sure that it is INDEED that 20th man who fathered their 4th baby, only to run backstage screaming when it isn't.
Maury: Alright I'm here once again with Barbara, who is back for the 20th time to test who she thinks is the father of her baby!
Barbara: Maury, I am 110% sure that this man Chris is the father of my baby!
Maury: Well the results are in...For 3 month old baby Earl, Chris, you ARE NOT the father...
Woman: WHAT?! WHAT?! AHHHH BOOO HOOOO!! *runs backstage*
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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1)Popularized song by Britney Spears
2)Something that everyone wants
Earl:You wanna piece of me?
Edna: Oh yeah
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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1)To be shunned and excluded by a large group of apes.
2)What happens to an ape-human hybrid when they try to woo pure humans.
Human-Ape: I think I love you Chris
Chris: Leave ME Alone!
Rest of Apes: ooh eee oooh ooh SHUN! ooh eee ahh!
Human-Ape: You're abandoning ME?!
Chris: HAHA!,.. bitch just got APESTRASIZED!
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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1) A really nasty jacket that closely resembles road-kill
2) A jacket that looks like a dead llama
3) Similar to the alpaca variety
Chris: EW, wtf is up with yo jacket man?!
Crock: errr...
Chris: llama jacket!
by Daniel.Druff January 15, 2008
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1)Bird-like sound
2)Noise-made during Britney Spear's "Piece of Me" song.
Britney: OH-UH, oh yeah, OH-UH, oh yeah...
Edna: OMG, Britney, I love you!
Chris: Leave Britney Alone!
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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1)Air Vomit
2)When you vomit facing up
3)Having no friends
Earl: boo hoo, no one likes me.
Annie: ariel vomit! *pukes*
Edna: ...once again!
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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1)Extremely egoist yell
2)The cry of a human-ape hybrid
3)Someone who doesn't care about you
Wizard: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
Princess: Me too!
Human: Wtf?
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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