3 definitions by Gerttrude

A laidback light skin who cares to much, he is passionate, loving and motivated but also afraid.
Friend: when are you dropping that song of yours?
Rhystin: it’s not finished mate
by Gerttrude November 22, 2021
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Some one who is so stuck up, vain and has their head so far up thier own arse they can't see tomorrow!!!!

'It's all me me me me me with her!'
'Too true, she is such an I LOVE ME'
by Gerttrude March 14, 2007
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Someone who's very selfish! They can't take anyone else's feelings in to acount as they are not aware other people have feelings!
Girl 1: Not everythings bout you, ya know
Girl 2: Of course it is, otherwise whats the point taking bout it.
Girl 1: Your so me me me me me!
Girl 2: Point?
by Gerttrude March 19, 2007
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