what you say to yourself when you want to add a defintion but theres already a shit load of them, fuck: 228 defintions.
whats the point.....
by diseased sheep July 13, 2005
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What you say when you’ve given up and at your breaking point
Jody: find you a boyfriend
Emma: what’s the point
by Lowkeyyy. March 4, 2019
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So you can see I'm tryin', you won't see me cryin'
TommyInnit: your fokin ugly
Dream: thats what the point of the mask is
GeorgeNotFound: Dream that was so hot!!
by pp nose picker July 22, 2021
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A question that is posed to a person who is telling a story or asking a question that makes no sense, or doesn't appear to have an ending. Does not specifically have to be used on the telephone.
So he was like driving, then his mum called, and she told him about the washing machine, and there was a huge tree in the park, and his brother was playing football

What's your point caller?

Oh, erm...
by nicnicus April 9, 2011
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