An extremely friendly, outgoing person. Super confident and his smile is the best.
Someone: who is he
Me: hes so Agam omg!
by Bhoohooo123 March 15, 2019
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The most beatiful and caring girl you will ever meet. At first she is shy but when you open up with her you'll see how truely amazing her personally is . She's smart and funny, for real the best girlfriend youll ever have.
"hey its agam the shy and cute girl"
"yesterday we talked and I think im already falling for her"
by DAN098 May 6, 2020
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Someone who is not allowed to kiss adrien
by D@k0t@ May 21, 2021
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Agam is generally an Indian name for boys. It refers to someone so focused and single goaled- that they never do anything other than their goals. They believe the right way to live is by ignoring all.their friends..
She said she would come to the party but she pulled an Agam
by Agam1 April 24, 2019
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In Israel, boys named Agam's have gigantic dicks, and are far smarter than the average individuals.
they are mostly 2 times stronger than the average man.
"is this agam? is dick id gigantic."
by Manoftheyear2 November 22, 2021
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Another name to describe people from Northern Ethiopia, aka the Tigray region.

The word 'Agame' can also be used in the context of someone being stingy/greedy/hungry.
For Example.

Excuse me, can you please be quiet you Agame.

Give me some money you Qomal Agame.
by ERIPOWER May 3, 2010
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