A dedication to someone or something through that practice of visual art
I saw this sick mural done by Seen up in NY
by goreds07 July 20, 2006
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Mural is one of the many words famous UK YouTuber KSI can’t say.

Cause he is a fat neek
Fan: Hey KSI.. do you like this mural.
Ksi: Yes that mooral is nice
by Morpheus the hamster August 8, 2020
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A Mural is any painting or artwork executed on a wall. Graffiti is an example
That mural is a representation of the crimes and wrong-doings done in this city
by GOD517 June 4, 2018
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A word that a fat neek named KSI can't say
Look at that cool mural
Ksi: Moo-rol
by I am the OWO September 24, 2020
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The greatest American art form, a large mural found on the side of vans. Can include but is not limited to: Wolves, mountains, viking babes, and a scrawled-out name of one's band.
Guy: Saw some beautiful van mural the other day. It belongs in the Louvre, in my opinion.

Girl: I hear ya'.
by me2312123 March 11, 2008
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A much larger scale of a "tramp stamp". In order for a tattoo to qualify for the title of "tramp mural" it must start at the regular position for a "tramp stamp" and go no shorter than the elbows when rested at ones side. Tramp murals can only be sported by women, and if she has one the odds are shes been nailed by more than one carpenter if you know what i mean.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that chicks tramp stamp.
Dude: You idiot, you can clearly see by the starting and ending points that it is clearly a tramp mural.
Guy 1: Oh, so that means shes a-
Dude: Yep.
by Padrich Pagliachi July 10, 2010
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To be without a wall to surround one's property in part or in whole by reason of act of God, accident or act of reckless folly.
"Gunter! I see Herr Muffin has become murally challenged!"

"It will be the drink again I expect. Drink and tractors do not make good bed fellows Hans. Always I have said this!"
by stropmag October 29, 2006
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