The term "Mainstream Media" grants the OMM or "Oligarch Managed Media" a totally spurious authority that they haven't ever earned. We, the public, and definers of words, are the mainstream. The OMM merely target us with their propaganda. That doesn't make anything about them mainstream :-)
Just 6 corporations manage the OMM in the USA.
by DasHermit March 24, 2017
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Meaning a great desire for something or someone.
"Hey Aideen, make some Tea? Omm"

"I think you're Omm"
by bonglord June 01, 2005
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Oh My Marshmallows! This is a new version of OMG for those who are Aethiest and have a sense of humor, that do not wish to use Oh My God!
OMM! That was the best meal I have ever had!

OMM....thats horrible!
by O-M-M September 09, 2010
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Oh my Mott

Mott is the one true holy entity and has beat god in a game a chess, earning the title Mott
A mix of the names Em, Elliott, and Lee
Omm! The vacuum piece was used as a spatula!
by Inkyvoidbetweenthestars May 11, 2020
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