1.) Oh my Mott
2.) Mott is the one true entity in this world. After beating god in a game of chess, the entity power was gained.

3.) A strange mix of the names Em, Elliott, and Lee
Omm! Mini is now deemed bitch by Mott
Omm! The vacuum piece was used as a spatula
by Inkyvoidbetweenthestars May 11, 2020
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Abbr: 'oh my mushroom'. An exclamation of surprise.
Billy: "omm that angfest was so totally apex"
Jeanelle: "omm! it so totally was!"
by pkmnx September 05, 2003
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On my mind (slang)
There's not a second that you're not omm
by Vinny3687 September 24, 2017
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your name is tommy or you're a mcyt fan doing the "remove the first and last letter of your name" thing
"omm is my favourite mcyt"
by skyvsmags June 17, 2021
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a stupid dumbass that simps for any girl he has a crush on
he is simping over Addison Rae, he is such an omm
by daddydaddy69 May 30, 2020
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