Extremely disgusting, yet halarious sexual name for when a guy is getting head and when he busts in the girls ear and folds it over.
"My girlfriend dumped me because i gave her an omlet."
by Donnie November 15, 2004
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the better and easier way of spelling omelette because the actually spelling of it is stupid.
omg bruv i j had Thanksgiving meal in an omlet!
by kaybruv December 1, 2019
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I wuz gon' pop a cap in yo ass but omlet you off this time biatch.
by scott April 29, 2003
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A shortening of onmi-mullet, the stringy, hanging long at all directions aging surfer cut usually used to hid a thinning/receding hairline. The omlet's tendency to hang in the eyes and over the ears and thereby reduce audiovisual input has let to several thousand fatalities involving sharks, moving vehicles, and birds looking for adequate nest building materials.
'Dude, that guy is almost thirty. Its time for him to admit hes not the sandstud of 1997 and get a new haircut. That omlet is just sad. Oh crap! Look out guy, a shark!'
by rancid cheeze November 5, 2007
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An omletting is when you or someone else was forcefully hit in the face with a minimum of 8 omlettes or fritatas, usually using a t-shirt cannon.
Hey did you hear that Eddie got a good omletting from the kids at the birthday party?
by Eddie Van Bonkhertz May 16, 2019
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to ejaculate in a man/womans ear and fold closed so it sticks
my ear is crusty from that omlete
by Michael Lozano September 16, 2007
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