A tactful way of referring to previous careers, companies, or relationships without specifically mentioning names. A way of avoiding thoughtless name-dropping or boring boastful references to things you have done before at other places or with other people.
1. Company: Rather than saying, "Back at YoYoDyne, we used to do this and that and the other", try "In a past life, I used a different process".
2. Career: Avoid "When I was in the Navy, we always did it this way" and replace with "In a past life, I remember doing things in a certain way".
3. Relationship: Instead of telling your current partner, "Sally and I stayed at that bed and breakfast once", perhaps use, "In a past life, I stayed there and it was nice" instead.
by DanGarPrius June 14, 2013
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When you love him but had a crazy hypno sesh where you remembered he burned you at the stake in the late 1600s or something like that. Mehhhh.
Morten, I love you, but I’m presently experiencing a mean case of past life aggression.
by PolarisTarot February 25, 2019
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People who a person has had sex with or kissed.
In Skylar’s past love life, She and Kai kissed.
by Niigata Smith October 27, 2018
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People who a person has originally had sex with or kissed.
Skylar’s past love life is pretty much easy to explain because in the past she and Kai have kissed.
by Niigata Smith October 27, 2018
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A woman which is really hot - but also really dead, who you'd like to sleep with or marry.
Q: Have you ever heard of Katharine Hepburn?
A: Hell yeah, hot AF. she's my wife from a past life.
by Gbreezy84 December 26, 2016
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