P1:Wanna fight bro?
AW:Sure retard.
also AW: Menacing ゴゴゴゴ
by jahjahjahjah August 31, 2019
Its when Dio shows up
by Aussieboi July 26, 2019
To do something naughty.
Someone or something that likes to be naughty.
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I'm gonna do some menacing tonight!
That man is very menacing!
by JOWNAGEE February 27, 2006
To ride around in a vehicle and harass or yell at people
by Evildix October 28, 2004
Someone who pours milk before the cereal
Person a: I pour my orange juice before my cereal
Person b: What the frick
Person a: What
Person b: Bruh what a Menace
by factsbutbetter July 19, 2021
A person who is crazy fun and wild. Tends to do stupid things that may harm themselves or others for a laugh. (Australian)
Jake drank a whole bottle of vodka then punched a cop and said “yeah the boys” he is such a menace
by The inspirer er March 30, 2020