a woman who has passed the age at which women typically marry (for the first time) and/or have children without doing either (derogatory term; "maid" is short for "maiden" meaning "virgin", and stems from the former presumption that a woman who had neither married nor had children was a virgin)
My mother had an old maid aunt who lived with my mother's parents.
by N'Awlins Contrarian March 31, 2010
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when a woman never gets married.
she will die an old maid
by cece818 September 18, 2005
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A kernel of popcorn that did not pop when heated.
There's a fine art to timing microwave popcorn, where you avoid burning the ones that did pop at the expense of leaving some old maids. Why 'old maid', you ask? They're the ones left behind that haven't been 'popped'.
by photoleif August 8, 2005
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The modern-day word, Lesbian was a no-no, and can be a sub set of this word and Spinster.
She's an old maid who was never interested in men.
by Furb March 16, 2006
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Referring to unpopped popcorn. An Old Maid was considered a virgin that did not have her hyman popped. The similarity is between popcorn that was not popped and Old Maids that have not been popped.
Not pre-heating your oil for popcron will yeild less old maids.
by Cpt. Bolltron March 3, 2011
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1. A virginal, or sexually fastidious person

2. A sexually aloof person who shows little to no interest in the opposite sex.

3. A person whom many predict will end up dying:
a) A virgin.

b) Without having been in a long term relationship, engagement or marriage.

c) Alone.

4. A persnickety or overparticular person; shallow.
person 1: So, I was talking to Liz today and I told her that sometimes I kiss my girlfriend during or after a getting head and she was cringed and was like "eww. thats gross"

person 2: Wow....she's such an old maid. I heard she gives guys head with condoms.
by MADAOXSAMA September 7, 2009
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To have sex when the old lady is too tired rolls over and states "Just make it quick"
Got arrested while Old Maiding
by Groove FC December 4, 2010
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