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The male equivalent of the hymen, referring to a man's anal orifice.
I'm pretty sure I could take any of them if they tried to take my man-cherry, or hyman, if you will.
by HymanIntact July 27, 2007
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Common misspelling of hymen, which is a membranous fold of tissue that partly or completely occludes the vaginal orifice.
Also known as the cherry.
1:"You can tell she's a virgin because she still has her hyman."
2:"Its a hymen, and just say cherry. Dont try to french it up."
by ArchÃ…ngel September 27, 2005
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A thing in a woman's vaginal area which breaks when a male sticks his genitalia in the female's sex organ for the first time.
Ooops! I broke your hyman! Shouldn't have stuck my fingers that deep...
by MUG March 07, 2004
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Someone unusually large and ugly. Looks like a whale, but on the land. Waddles to and from class and always looks likes he/she is pissed off. It makes you want to screem HYMAN while passing it by.
Person 1:(walking down hall sees the sight)Hyman!
Person 2:(hyman doesn't have a clue what it means and keeps walking)
Person 1(satisfied)
by poloman October 11, 2004
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