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Old name for a sunburn contracted on a cloudy day.
"I don't know how I got this sunburn.... It's been cloudy all week."

"Oh, that's a wind burn. Ultraviolet still gets through the clouds."
by Furb April 14, 2006
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There's an old song of British ancestry circa WWI titled "Pack Up Your Troubles". One line in that song says, ...While you've a Lucifer to light your fag... Of course we all know that to a Brit a fag is a cigarette, right?

This definition of a Lucifer was alluded to in definition 10, and the use of the term Lucifer to indicate a match might stem from the Greek name for Lucifer, Phosphoros, given in definition 6 because of the use of the chemical Phosphorus in producing matches.
...While you've a Lucifer to light your fag...
by Furb November 24, 2007
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After orgasm, if left in position, as the male organ softens, and the muscles of the vaginal walls haven't been stretched, in child birth, for example, at some point, the flacid penis will be ejected, not with an audible "snap" as the title would indicate, but with a reaction not found in post-parturition vaginas.

The current trend is for more women to opt for Caesarian Section to avoid pesky labor and to maintain their "snatchlasticity.
He wants me to have a C-Section because he likes my Snapper,... and I like his cuddling.
by Furb March 31, 2006
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The modern-day word, Lesbian was a no-no, and can be a sub set of this word and Spinster.
She's an old maid who was never interested in men.
by Furb March 16, 2006
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An issue of a newspaper in addition to it's normal, once-a-day publication used to bring major, hot items to the public's attention in the days before TV when radios were big boxes with tubes in them. The last of which my have been on VJ day in 1946.
A lot of "Thirties" movies would segue with a news boy, standing on a busy city street corner, shouting "Extra, Extra, read all about it, __________." And, then he's fill the blank with the segue. Something like, "Bruce Wayne found guilty!"
by Furb November 1, 2006
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