The greatest and most tasty invention of all time. Tastes great, is easy to make and makes people happy. In short, totally awesome.
Microwave popcorn is the greatest invention in human history. Thank you, Dr. Percy Spencer! (Invented microwave popcorn in 1946.)

Tracey: Want some microwave popcorn?

Bill: Hell yes!
by thebestshityouwilleversee August 27, 2012
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The microwave popcorn date is a special form of a date which consists of two people, a nature documentary and, of course, microwave popcorn. It is considered as a modern 21st century way of dating and can also include (but is not limited to): tetra pak wine, fake candles, old fragrance sticks.
Babe, you are the mac to my cheese. Let´s have a microwave popcorn date!
by cessc May 6, 2019
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